A non-linear biography

IMG_2718In this life I actually count five lives. I’ve begun to think of myself as a deck of Tarot cards — many aspects and coutenances shuffled and reshuffled by circumstance –independent, yet all by the same hand. Whose hand? That’s a matter still under consideration.

Just the facts, ma’am? Here’s a start:

  • I have an AB in Philosophy with a sub-specialty in comparative religion from Stanford University. My undergraduate years are long passed, but I’m still a seeker.
  • I like bulleted lists.
  • In life number 4, I went camping at least five times a year, sometimes for 10 days at a time in mountains and in deserts, rarely around other people, but always under real stars in the old night sky.
  • I used to wear gold, but as I get older my rings are silver.
  • I’ve been a student, co-teacher and teacher of writing in the San Francisco Bay area since 1989.
  • I currently teach for The Writers Studio — individual tutorials, and a workshop near Union Square in San Francisco.
  • In life number 5 (this present) I live with my 17-year old son, a 95-pound Briard (dog), a one-eyed cat and her older sister. Both cats are girls and have boys’ names.
  • In life number 1 I was a competitive gymnast and swimmer, dancer and theater rat.
  • I love NIA, low-impact, mind-bending dance. (Wanna see NIA? go here) and yoga
  • I work in a library building with 2 million books and another 9 million within 1/2 an hour’s radius. I work with people committed to getting information, both print and online, to today’s scholars and researchers as freely and openly as possible, and to preserving the human intellectual record.

For now.