Rhythm before words?

I woke up this morning with the whacky idea of starting a piece of writing, not with the content, but with the rhythm.

As I think about it (applying mind not dream), it’s not so whacky really: some of my best writing has come out of the rhythm of my footsteps on the pavement and some songwriters report starting either with words or with music, then working on the interplay of laying one on top of or into the other.

So here’s the deal: make up a series of beats and emphases that pleases you.

tum te tum, tum tum, tum tum, tum tum tum

then dream into the words

a river, a boat, a smile and the sea.

Why bother? the river the boat the smile the sea came like invited guests to a party, in response to the rhythm. I didn’t think my way into finding them, they found me.

My Mother Goose child mind of course wants to rhyme, but that’s a choice not a requirement nor an unavoidable mire.

And how is rhythm related to heat?

tum tum TUM. tum tum te-tum. tum tum te tum, tum TUM.
I am MAD. Mad as a hatter. Wearing a coat of flame.

Gotta go now…tum tum te tum…too much fun tum tum tum.

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