Marie Howe

This is amazing. It’s worth hearing more than once.

Marie Howe is a powerful, engaging, thoughtful, funny poet, a teacher at Sarah Lawrence, and New York’s 2012- poet laureate. Threads that I think are particularly great, start at these markers

  • listen at 12+ minutes for her comments that “poetry holds what can’t be said”
  • or at about 40 minutes, at a very moving end to her stories about attending to her younger brother as he died from AIDS, her reading a poem culminating in “This. This is what you’ve been waiting for.”
  • at 45 minutes, “it hurts to be present” and her assignment to write 10 observations of the actual world, resisting all thoughts about the thing (no metaphors, no abstractions, no interpretations) and then to learn “why metaphor?”
  • at 56, “the silence at the heart of everything”
  • at 1hr 8, “some things have happened that I know I don’t understand, and they are the most true/real things I’ve known…the most important things that have ever happened to me.”
  • at 1 hr 11, the deep feminine
  • at 1 hr 25, art helps us to let the heart break open rather than close. “All art holds the knowledge that we are both living and dying”

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